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SubjectBLKBSZSET still not working on 2.4.18 ?
Hi !

I'm trying to backup a partition on an IDE drive which has an odd number
of sectors (204939). With a stock open/read you cannot access the last
sector, and that why I tried the BLKBSZSET ioctl to set the basic read
block size to 512 bytes. I verified the writen value with BLKBSZGET
ioctl, but I still cannot read this last sector !

I've tried also this:
- FreeBSD : works but it don't want to port all my software to it
- raw devices: can't read the last sector:

# raw /dev/raw1 /dev/hda2
# dd if=/dev/raw1 of=C bs=512
dd: reading `/dev/raw1': No such device or address
204938+0 records in
204938+0 records out

What can it do ? Wait for a patch in ?


Ludovic Drolez.

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