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SubjectUnable to boot kernel-2.5.50 to kernel-2.5.55

This might be wrong mailinglist, but I don't know else
to to.

I am having a Dell Optiplex GX240, 512 MB RAM, ATI
RAGE 128. I am using Gentoo GNU/Linux.

I have installed module-init-tools-0.9.7.
I have difficulties in booting development kernels.
I am using GRUB as boot-loader, and can choose between
different kernel-2.4 series and kernel-2.5.

I am passing root=/dev/hda3 to all kernels.

My screen turns black and the computer reboots, when I
try to boot a development kernel.
I havent't applied Rusty's patch for PCI and USB,
because I thought it was for kernel-2.5.50. Is it

I'm using pretty much the same config-file in
kernel-2.5 as in kernel-2.4. I have tried to disable
all framebuffer support, but nothing happened.

Should I try another version of GRUB?

How should the config-file for kernel-2.5.5x look

I am trying out development kernels, because I like
being in bleeding edge, when it comes to computers.
Have to challenge myself...:-)


Ole J.

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