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SubjectRe: [RFC] top-level config menu dependencies
> It has been a long-time tradition that no "real tunable options" are
> present in the top level of the kernel config menu. I reckon this has
> to do with an inherent limitation of the original config subsystem.
> While converting the way submenus appear in menuconfig depending on
> their main, parent config option, I stumbled upon certain subsystems
> (such as MTD or IrDA) that should clearly have an on/off switch directly
> in the main menu so that one doesn't have to enter the corresponding
> submenus to even see if they're enabled or disabled.
> Since the new kernel configurator would have no problems with such
> a setup, I'm posting this RFC to get the general opinion on whether
> this should be carried on with. I'm willing to create and send in
> the patches.

Why not? The config system is changing so much between 2.4 and 2.5
anyway, so any re-organisation like that might as well be done in one
go now, rather than during the 2.7 development cycle.

Oh, except that we are in a feature freeze :-), but that doesn't seem
to have affected anything else. Infact, I think the current state
should be called a

"feature latent-heat-transition-between-melted-and-frozen".

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