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SubjectRe: md multipath with disk missing ?
On 2002-09-09T15:08:31,
Oktay Akbal <> said:

> Can someone tell me, how md multipathing works, when a drive fails
> completly ?

Well, if the drive (not the path to it) fails _completely_, it won't be
detected by the md autostart (as it can't find the md superblock).

If it fails completely during runtime, all paths but the last one to it will
be disabled, as a drive failure can't be distinguished from a path failure in
the wonderful 2.4 error handling ;-)

But then, all requests send down the last path will fail, because the target
is broken, not the path.

In short, multipathing doesn't help a bit here; how could it?

> Does this only work with raid-autodetection ?
> When no autodetection is done and a drive is missing, would a raidstart
> kill the raid, since the drives are now available with other devices (sda
> instead of former sdb...) ?

I don't understand your question, sorry.

Lars Marowsky-Brée <>

Immortality is an adequate definition of high availability for me.
--- Gregory F. Pfister

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