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SubjectXCdroast/cdrecord crashes kernel 2.4.18 when mastering on the fly

When backing up a partition on the fly, XCdroast/cdrecord crashed (which is
forgiveable) but it also crashed my Linux system (which is
not). System and consoles were totally unresponsive, requiring a
dreaded unclean reboot.

Joerg schilling (maintainer of cdrecord) suggests problem is with Linux
kernel and not with 'cdrecord'

Any thoughts on what might be going on?

Note that mastering-on-the-fly seemed to work OK if I just backed up a
couple of very large tar files, while the crashes seem to occur when
backing up a partition with multiple files. This difference is
explained perhaps by the extra overload of mastering multiple
small files vs. a few large tar files.

My system setup is as follows:
* Brand new 24x10x40 Hi-Val CDR
* CD recording software
* Relatively pristine RH 7.3 running kernel 2.4.18
* System hardware is a bit old and slow (Pentium 200 MHz Overdrive
in an old P100 Intel Aladding/Zappa PCI Motherboard)

Even with the older system hardware, I would hope that we could get
Xcdroast/cdrecord to at least die gracefully if things are too slow
to master on-the-fly.

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