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SubjectRe: [BK PATCH] USB changes for 2.5.34

Greg, please don't do this

> ChangeSet@1.614, 2002-09-05 08:33:20-07:00,
> USB: storage driver: replace show_trace() with BUG()

that BUG() thing is _way_ out of line, and has killed a few of my machines
several times for no good reason. It actively hurts debuggability, because
the machine is totally dead after it, and the whole and ONLY point of
BUG() messages is to help debugging and make it clear that we can't handle

In this case, we _can_ handle it, and we're much better off with a machine
that works and that you can look up the messages with than killing it.

Rule of thumb: BUG() is only good for something that never happens and
that we really have no other option for (ie state is so corrupt that
continuing is deadly).


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