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Yeah, SciFi decided not to do a 5th season. They will finish season 4.
All fans enraged. Of you are a fan, please do the followings:

Sign the petition here:

Also, send snail mail to the addresses and calls and faxes to the
numbers mentioned here (snail mail has more impact than email, in these

Do it before friday ! They're going to destroy the set by then !

The website was completely slashdotted all Saturday and Sunday
(i.e., flooded with people), and is still pretty bad. This is a good sign
that the reaction is vehement. I have already sent mail, email, and I've
posted messages on the SciFi bulletin board.

If you're in the States, your mail will get to its destination a lot faster
than mine, because the addresses mentioned on that Web site are in the States.

Please do this !

<sarcasm>Oh happy frelling day !</sarcasm>
You are my socket, my only socket,
you make me happy, when routers fray,
you'll never know how much I transferred,
please don't take my socket away.

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