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SubjectRe: Calculating kernel logical address ..
On Monday 09 September 2002 21:40, Andrew Morton wrote:
> We need a general-purpose "read or write these pages to this blockdev"
> library function.

I thought bio was supposed to be that. In what way does it not suffice?
Simply because of not having a suitable wrapper?

> For mtdblk, LVM1/LVM2 and probably swapper_space.
> With that we can remove the block IO stuff from kiovecs. And convert
> the other drivers to use get_user_pages() directly into an ad-hoc private
> page array. Those things would allow kiovecs/kiobufs to be retired.

As far as pressing generic_direct_IO into use for this purpose goes, why
not forget about that (crufty looking) layer and sit directly on top of

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