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Subject[PATCH] IRQ patch for Toshiba Char Driver in 2.5.34
Somewhere around 2.5.31 the method for setting and clearing interrupts

From- To-
save_flags(flags); local_irq_save(flags);

restore_flags(flags); local_irq_restore(flags);

Though bordering on trivial, including toshiba support with stock 2.5.34
fails to compile, which this patch seems to fix. This patch fixes this
issue and has worked reliably for me under 2.5.31, though it is untested on
2.5.32 and 2.5.33 because I didn't manage to get those to work.

A note to those that are a bit rough on kernel patch newbies.... submitting
a kernel patch for the very first time is a rather intimidating experience
so please don't chew my head off unless its absolutely necessary.

GnuPG fingerprint AAE4 8C76 58DA 5902 761D 247A 8A55 DA73 0635 7400
James Blackwell -- Director
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