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SubjectRE: Calculating kernel logical address ..

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Sent: Monday, September 09, 2002 12:15 PM
To: Daniel Phillips
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Subject: Re: Calculating kernel logical address ..

Daniel Phillips wrote:
> ...
> > down(&current->mm->mmap_sem) would help.
> Not for anon pages, and how do you know whether it's anon or not before
> looking at the page, which may be free by the time you look at it?
> In other words, mm->page_table_lock is the one, because it's required
> for unmapping a pte, and any mapped page will be forced to hold a count
> increment until it gets past that lock. Without this lock, the results
> of pte_page are unstable.

>The caller of get_user_pages() needs to hold mmap_sem for reading
>to prevent the vmas from going away. get_user_pages() does the
>right thing wrt page_table_lock. (As a quick peek at the code
>would reveal...)
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So, I am hearing the get_user_pages is the right choice for me. BTW, did
anybody take a look at the code snippet that posted earlier? That code
mmap's kmalloc'ed memory to process space and then in the ioctl call, I
calculate kernel logical address.
Please have a look and advise any portability issue.


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