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SubjectNew failures in nightly LTP test
The nightly LTP test against the 2.5 kernel bk tree last night turned up
some test failures we don't normally see. These failures did not show
up in the run from the previous night.

execve06 0 INFO : Test FAILED
getpgid01 0 INFO : getpgid01 FAILED
mprotect03 1 FAIL : child returned unexpected status

All three are showing warnings that look like this before the failure:
mprotect03 0 WARN : signal() failed for signal 41. error:22
Invalid argument.
mprotect03 0 WARN : signal() failed for signal 51. error:22
Invalid argument.

The beginning changeset was:
ChangeSet@1.632, 2002-09-08 08:23:34-07:00,
[PATCH] pci bus resources, transparent bridges

The ending changeset was:
ChangeSet@1.641, 2002-09-08 20:04:56-07:00,
[PATCH] Re: pinpointed: PANIC caused by dequeue_signal() in current

Any ideas on what may be causing this?

Paul Larson

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