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SubjectRe: [BK] PATCH ReiserFS 1 of 3 RESEND

one of the reasons for problems with your patches is that your emails
seem to sometimes be labeled as spam.

And one of the major reasons for that is apparently simply that your
"From:" address is not a good one:

From: (Hans Reiser)

where "" is not in the MX domain:

dig -t MX

gives no answer. As a result, spam detectors look at the From: line and
consider you an extremely suspect person, likely to be up to no good.

I would suggest you fix your mailer to have a valid MX-record return
address, ie <> instead of <>.

(Yes, I realize that both addresses likely work perfectly fine, and that
"reload" is the machine you actually use for sending the email, but
still.. I bet I'm not the only one who uses spam filtering software that
cares about issues like this.)

[ Cc to linux-kernel left intact not to publicly castigate Hans, but
because I know this is true for some other people too. ]


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