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SubjectRe: [BK] PATCH ReiserFS 1 of 3 RESEND
Thanks for your suggestion, we will act on it and do so.


Linus Torvalds wrote:

> one of the reasons for problems with your patches is that your emails
>seem to sometimes be labeled as spam.
>And one of the major reasons for that is apparently simply that your
>"From:" address is not a good one:
> From: (Hans Reiser)
>where "" is not in the MX domain:
> dig -t MX
>gives no answer. As a result, spam detectors look at the From: line and
>consider you an extremely suspect person, likely to be up to no good.
>I would suggest you fix your mailer to have a valid MX-record return
>address, ie <> instead of <>.
>(Yes, I realize that both addresses likely work perfectly fine, and that
>"reload" is the machine you actually use for sending the email, but
>still.. I bet I'm not the only one who uses spam filtering software that
>cares about issues like this.)
>[ Cc to linux-kernel left intact not to publicly castigate Hans, but
> because I know this is true for some other people too. ]
> Linus

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