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SubjectRe: opps 2.4.20-pre5-ac2
This is an interaction of the rmap vm patch (included in -ac) and the nVidia 
binary driver. I have run into this myself, tho it doesn't usually cause a
lockup for me. (instead, it puts kswapd in the Z state (it aparrently never
respawns), and makes shutting down a PITA.))

Mind you, this is a bug in the nVidia driver, not the linux kernel, where it
pulls a behaviour that never was really correct before, but did work. This
bug truly needs to be reported to nVidia.

Not having that specific kernel tree on my system atm, I can't seem to find
the line that is BUG()'ing. But iirc, it's in this set

if (page->buffers)
if (page->mapping)
if (!VALID_PAGE(page))
if (PageLocked(page))
if (PageActive(page))
page->flags &= ~((1<<PG_referenced) | (1<<PG_dirty));

and is the (page->mapping) test.

please, check your tree for the correct line (102 of page_alloc.c) to verify
this, and then pass it along to nVidia.

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