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SubjectRe: LMbench2.0 results
Alan Cox wrote:
> On Sun, 2002-09-08 at 00:44, Martin J. Bligh wrote:
> > >> Perhaps testing with overcommit on would be useful.
> > >
> > > Well yes - the new overcommit code was a significant hit on the 16ways
> > > was it not? You have some numbers on that?
> >
> > About 20% hit on system time for kernel compiles.
> That suprises me a lot. On a 2 way and 4 way the 2.4 memory overcommit
> check code didnt show up. That may be down to the 2 way being on a CPU
> that has no measurable cost for locked operations and the 4 way being an
> ancient ppro a friend has.
> If it is the memory overcommit handling then there are plenty of ways to
> deal with it efficiently in the non-preempt case at least. I had
> wondered originally about booking chunks of pages off per CPU (take the
> remaining overcommit divide by four and only when a CPU finds its
> private block is empty take a lock and redistribute the remaining
> allocation). Since boxes almost never get that close to overcommit
> kicking in then it should mean we close to never touch a locked count.

Martin had this profile for a kernel build on 2.5.31-mm1:

c01299d0 6761 1.28814 vm_enough_memory
c0114584 8085 1.5404 load_balance
c01334c0 8292 1.57984 __free_pages_ok
c011193c 11559 2.20228 smp_apic_timer_interrupt
c0113040 12075 2.3006 do_page_fault
c012bf08 12075 2.3006 find_get_page
c0114954 12912 2.46007 scheduler_tick
c012c430 13199 2.51475 file_read_actor
c01727e8 20440 3.89434 __generic_copy_from_user
c0133fb8 25792 4.91403 nr_free_pages
c01337c0 27318 5.20478 rmqueue
c0129588 36955 7.04087 handle_mm_fault
c013a65c 38391 7.31447 page_remove_rmap
c0134094 43755 8.33645 get_page_state
c0105300 57699 10.9931 default_idle
c0128e64 58735 11.1905 do_anonymous_page

We can make nr_free_pages go away by adding global free page
accounting to struct page_states. So we're accounting it in
two places, but it'll be simple.

The global page accounting is very much optimised for the fast path at
the expense of get_page_state(). (And that kernel didn't have the
rmap speedups).

We need to find some way of making vm_enough_memory not call get_page_state
so often. One way of doing that might be to make get_page_state dump
its latest result into a global copy, and make vm_enough_memory()
only get_page_state once per N invokations. A speed/accuracy tradeoff there.
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