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SubjectRe: clean before or after dep?
* Joe Kellner ( wrote:

> Currently, what is the proper way then? I know over the years the proper
> procedure has changed. make *config; make dep; make clean; make *Image;make
> modules?

I always do

make clean && make dep && make ......

1) I've always done clean and then dep ever since a problem on Alpha
where it created a file during dep and deleted it in clean.

2) I always use && instead of ; - that way if one of the stages fails
you don't miss it.

3) The ..... - some architectures like zImage, some like Image, some
like boot; hell I can never remember which a particular platform
needs. I wish we had some commonality (hmm - an 'itso' target).

4) Generally make {menu|x}config tells you the story for x86 at the

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