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SubjectRe: ide drive dying?
Am Sam, 2002-09-07 um 17.02 schrieb

> No, but you've upgraded the firmware, right?

Not exactly. According to IBM technical support there is no such thing
as a new firmware. The drives are alright, the OS is broken.

> If that has fixed the problem, then it is not a faulty drive.

Right, and how would you notice without sacrifying more data?

> So, you'll just plug in your 'new' disk, and in a few months,
> bad sectors will start appearing.

Not if you sold it at Ebay, which is what I did with all *new*
drives I received from IBM. I just kept the "serviceable used part"
one in case I need to install Windows to upgrade the firmware of
some drive or anything else in range.

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