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SubjectRe: RE:Re: ide drive dying?
Am Fre, 2002-09-06 um 23.01 schrieb Alan Cox:

> Thats up to the owner. There are lots of uses for such drives - /tmp,
> swap, in a raid array, etc

Having two of such notorious broken drives in a RAID array is also
not an option in many cases. Mirroring is meant to increase data
security in case a drive fails spontaneously; using particularly bad
drives for that purpose is a way to work against the reason.

> Mind you I collect drives that have nice properties like "hangs the
> entire scsi bus when inserted into an SCA connector" for testing with

You probably should keep a DeathStar as the worst drive ever made.
Heck, if my latest replacement drive from IBM ("serviceable used part")
starts failing again I might as well ship it to you instead of IBM.

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