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SubjectRe: ide drive dying?
Am Sam, 2002-09-07 um 15.08 schrieb

> Besides, you *do* backup, don't you?

I do but besides that there is still data loss involved and my time is
expensive and limited, so I'd rather go for a hasslefree solution than
to poke around in mud with a stick in the hope it might clear up.

> (Or do what Linus suggested a while ago, and upload your stuff to an
> ftp site that is mirrored worldwide.)

Very practicable advise.

> I don't see the point of returning a disk that turns out not to be
> faulty after the firmware upgrade,

The point is that until you know whether it really was the firmware,
you've spend so much time that it is much easier to return the drive.

> even if it qualifies for a warranty replacement, (which it shouldn't do)

A faulty drive is a faulty drive and thus qualifies for a
free replacement (at least in Germany). Nobody here can force
you to try several costly things which might solve the problem;
it is rather the manufacturers duty to fix it on their cost.

> because you might be exchanging a good disk for a bad disk.

Very doubtful considering past experience. Also it's not very
probable (though it has happened) to receive a disk which is
more broken than broken.

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