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SubjectRe: [ANNOUNCE] devlabel: consistent device access through symlinking
Am Fre, 2002-09-06 um 19.40 schrieb

> Attached is a program I have been working on to allow for consistent access
> to storage devices. It works by creating symlinks to actual storage device
> names. When coupled with the UUID of the disk in question, the symlink can
> consistently point to the right data even if the device name changes.
> Devices can thus be referenced by their symlink only and this symlink is
> user-definable.

Except that for source RPMs sucking big time the stuff is REALLY cool!
I could also see benefits for other devices like HID where the current
ordering is done after a first come - first serve approach where the
minor device numbers follow the order the devices appear on the bus
which is quite easy to mess up and never consistent; Applying your
scheme to and-class devices also would allow to link whatever device
to a fixed device node which could solve many problems as far as
I can see.

Can you elaborate how you retrieve the IDs of a firewire or USB

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