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SubjectIO errors: SanDisk ImageMate USB CF, SD, MMC reader

Problem Summary:
I have a SanDisk ImageMate USB compactFlash + SecureDigital + MultiMediaCard
reader, and I am getting IO errors trying to read a 128MB SimpleTech CF card
with 2.4 kernels.


I have an 8MB Canon CF card and a 128MB SimpleTech CF card.

With the USB reader, I see:
OS or Device | 8MB | 128MB |
MacOS 9 | OK | OK |
RH 2.4.17-0.16smp | OK | ERR |
RH 2.4.18-3 | OK | ERR |

ERR means that I get IO errors when I try to 'cp -a' the contents of the CF
card to local disk.
"pc: reading '/mnt/flash1.....': Input/output error" is repeated for many of
the files on the card, but not all of them. Most of them seem to be later

Also, with a PCMCIA adapter in the RH 2.4.18-3, both CF cards work.
Both cards also work in a HandEra 300 PDA and a Canon PowerShot A40 digital

Any suggestions of how I could track down the problem? (I've submitted a bug
report to SanDisk as well, but this looks like a Linux problem to me.)

(Please CC me as I am not subscribed here at home.)

Eli Carter
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