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SubjectRe: (fwd) Re: [RFC] mount flag "direct"
At 09:57 06/09/02, Peter T. Breuer wrote:
>"Anton Altaparmakov wrote:"
> > [DanP]
> > >He was going to go hack the vfs, so in his mind, practical issues of
> how the
> > >vfs works now aren't an obstacle. The only mistake he's making is
> seriously
> > >underestimating how much effort is required to learn enough to do this
> kind
> > >of surgery and have a remote chance that the patient will survive.
> >
> > Ok so he plans to rewrite the whole I/O subsystem starting from block
> up to
> > FS drivers and VFS. Great. See him again in 10 years... And his changes
>I've had a look now. I concur that e2fs at least is full of assumptions
>that it has various different sorts of metadata in memory at all times.
>I can't rewrite that, or even add a "warning will robinson" callback to
>vfs, as I intended. What I can do, I think, is ..

Oh, you saw the light. (-: I can assure you that most file systems make
such assumptions. Certainly NTFS does... I designed the driver all around
caching metadata to optimize access to actual data. Once I enable
direct_IO, I plan to keep all metadata caching in place, just stop caching
the actual file data. That should give maximum performance I think.

>.. simply do a dput of the fs root directory from time to time, from
>vfs - whenever I think it is appropriate. As far as I can see from my
>quick look that may cause the dcache path off that to be GC'ed. And
>that may be enough to do a few experiments for O_DIRDIRECT.

What does "GC" mean?


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