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SubjectIllegal Instruction
Hi All,

My kernel is crashing when i try to insmod a driver. I am getting
the following error messages

insmod:19] Illegal instruction 000003e8 at c0015cf4 ra=c0088dd4
[[insmod:19] Illegal instruction c000d9d4 at c000b6a4

When i tried to locate this happens when i call rt_usleep
This is the piece of code where i call nano2count.

void mysleep (uint32 micro_sec)
RTIME delay;

delay = nano2count (micro_sec * 1000LL);
rt_sleep (delay);

I am exactly getting the insmod error when there is a call to
Note : RTIME is of type "long long".
The CPU i am using is IDT RC32334.

Can any body help me to solve this?

with best regards,
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