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SubjectRe: Early SPECWeb99 results on 2.5.33 with TSO on e1000
> c0106e59 42693    1.89176     restore_all
> c01dfe68 42787 1.89592 sys_socketcall
> c01df39c 54185 2.40097 sys_bind
> c01de698 62740 2.78005 sockfd_lookup
> c01372c8 97886 4.3374 fput
> c022c110 125306 5.55239 __generic_copy_to_user
> c01373b0 181922 8.06109 fget
> c020958c 199054 8.82022 tcp_v4_get_port
> c0106e10 199934 8.85921 system_call
> c022c158 214014 9.48311 __generic_copy_from_user
> c0216ecc 257768 11.4219 inet_bind

The profile looks bogus. The NIC driver is nowhere in sight. Normally
its mmap IO for interrupts and device registers should show. I would
double check it (e.g. with normal profile)

In case it is no bogus:
Most of these are either atomic_inc/dec of reference counters or some
form of lock. The system_call could be the int 0x80 (using the SYSENTER
patches would help), which also does atomic operations implicitely.
restore_all is IRET, could also likely be speed up by using SYSEXIT.

If NAPI hurts here then it surely not because of eating CPU time.

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