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SubjectRe: Linux SMP kernel bug with > 512M ram
I don't think its chipset or memory, the machines that crash have different brand 
motherboards with different chipsets, I ran docmem for 24 hours on each stick of ram
and found no errors. The ram worked fine in my WindowsXP machine, and it works fine
when I use the non-smp kernel, and/or when I take the ram down to 2 sticks (512
meg). I'm posting here because I believe I have narrowed it down to a bug in the

> On Fri, 2002-09-06 at 17:55, wrote:
> > I've been having problems with a few of our servers and I can't seem to find
> > problem mentioned anywhere else. All of the dual processor machines will not
> > with greater than 512 megs of ram with the newer SMP kernels (2.4.7-10enterprise
> 2.4.7 is hardly "new". Red Hat has issued errata kernels going up to
> 2.4.9.
> > SMP). Two of the dual P3 1ghz machines crash after a few minutes, when the
> > usage gets high enough, I presume. The errors they spit out vary, but its only
> > I go over 512megs of ram, and only on dual processor machines. I had a slightly
> Chipset or memory hardware problems seem the most likely cause if the
> errors seem random or weird
> > different problem when I tried to set it up on a dual p2 266 machine, when I go
> > 512 megs there, the system takes an hour to boot up, and everything crawls from
> Thats BIOS. Thats a well known BIOS problem where the BIOS doesnt
> configure the mtrr registers properly. You can work around that one by
> tweaking the settings by hand or probably by getting a newer BIOS

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