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SubjectRE: cs4281 & select in 2.4
which 2.4 version are you using? 2.4.19?  There was a ham-radio
select(2) fix in the cs4281 driver back in 2.4.17 era, think that
it got into the 2.4.18 kernel tree. I just checked the 2.4.19
kernel and the fix does seem to be included. i'll place a tarbz2
file out on an FTP server, and if you can try this driver, that
would help me out. if the driver does not build under your tree,
let me know, it's circa 2.4.17 and i don't know the 2.4.19 mods
concerning drivers.
Username: ftppclink
Password: cSPxQMd

i'll put cs4281-src-20011214-01n-tar.bz2 into \cs4281 directory.

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From: Rik van Riel []
Sent: Thursday, September 05, 2002 7:20 PM
Subject: cs4281 & select in 2.4


it looks like select() is broken for the cs4281 sound driver
in the 2.4 kernel. This breaks pretty much all GUI ham radio
applications that use the sound card ;(

I've done some tracing on various ham radio applications, but
none of the ones that use select() get any data from the cs4281

The applications tried include glfer and hamfax.

kind regards,

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