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SubjectRe: ide drive dying?
On 6 Sep 2002, Billy Harvey wrote:

> use the LAN more. On the LAN put the money into a quality shared
> resource - a heavy duty UPS'd, etc. RAID system. Especially if a RAID
> system is as easy to build/maintain/use as Alan alludes to (don't know -
> never built one).
> Billy

And don't forget the cost of cluebats to beat the users over the head
with. I've been trying for 3 years to get people to save their documents
to the H: drive. Still find stuff stored wherever they feel like storing

So each facility has a backup server that nightly grabs their entire
drive, gzip's it, and then dumps it to a DDS-4 tape. Also keeps X days of
daily full backups, and X weeks as well.

Aside from Windows filesharing being so slow(1500kps via smbtar is average
here), it works quite nicely. Even with a P4/2.53, I still can't get
more than the 1500kps that a p133 is capable of. All the p4 gives me, is
the ability to gzip -9 or even bzip2 the files, instead of the gzip -1
that the p133 is capable of in real time.


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