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SubjectRe: remount reiserfs hangs under heavy load 2.4.20pre5

On Fri, 6 Sep 2002, Oleg Drokin wrote:

> > Whenever "mount -o remount -n -w /dev/hdax" is issued under disk
> > activities, the system would freezed, and had to be hard booted.
> What kind of disk activies?

Activities such as compiling the kernel or rcp large files on /dev/hda3

> What was mount status of filesystems before that command was it readonly
> mounted ?

Yes, read-only on /dev/hda2, trying to change to read-write.

> I cannot reproduce this behavior with 2.4.19, can you please describe in more
> details how can we reproduce?

Using reiserfs on say /dev/hda2 200MB (/usr), mount initially as
read-only, another reiserfs /dev/hda3 800MB (/usr/src), mounted as
read-write, start compiling linux on /usr/src/linux, let it run for about
5 to 10 minutes, switch to another xterm and remount /usr as read-write
... then it may hang sometimes only. My PC is P3 1.13GHz, 650MB Ram, 30GB
hard disk. If the system is not heavily loaded enough, start rcp/cp large
amount of data from one partition to another or to another remote machine,
and remount /usr as read-only and it may hang.


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