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SubjectRe: pid_max hang again...

On 6 Sep 2002, Paul Larson wrote:

> It looks like this change dropped us back to the same error all this was
> originally supposed to fix. When you hit PID_MAX, get_pid() starts
> looping forever looking for a free pid and hangs. I could probably make
> my original fix work on this very easily if you'd like.

yes please send a patch for this. Reintroduction of the looping bug was

> I wonder though, would it be possible to do this in a more simple way by
> just throttling max_threads back to something more sane if it gets
> defaulted too high? Since it gets checked before we even get to the
> get_pid call in copy_process(). That would keep the number of processes
> down to a sane level without the risk.

this is a good approach as well, but now pid_max can be adjusted runtime
so truncating max_threads as a side-effect looks a bit problematic. We
should rather fail the fork() cleanly.


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