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    SubjectRe: 3 ultra100 controllers

    Well Jeff will need to verify, but iirc many of those boxes he build and
    sold power "". I got a charge knowing that factoid, when
    everyone was slamming the reliablity and strenghts of ATA servers.

    Also there were select systems that may have been VIA but they were hand
    picked boards.

    Anyways, Jeff will need to comment on this part. However I know he has
    shipped with 4 and maybe even 5 cards in a box that ran fine and stable.


    On 5 Sep 2002, Alan Cox wrote:

    > On Wed, 2002-09-04 at 20:48, Andre Hedrick wrote:
    > > 5 have been done!
    > >
    > > Ask "Jeff Nguyen", all it means is that only two cards will be setup by
    > > their BIOS. The remaining cards will be setup by the driver.
    > > IIRC, there was a special RIO version with 8 card or 32 drives.
    > I wouldnt like to see the performance of the resulting box or try it on
    > a VIA chipset or anything else I didn't trust 100% to handle contention
    > on the PCI bus

    Andre Hedrick
    LAD Storage Consulting Group

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