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Subjectlibaio 0.3.90 -- test release for sync up

Well, Andrea seems to be trying to fork libaio, but he never sent
any patches to me, so I don't know what his complaint with me as
maintainer is. I hope he finds it in his heart to submit *patches*
for any changes he's making. Anyways, here's a test release going
in the direction I've meant to for libaio-0.4.0 -- 0.3.15 is a
compatible release for folks running Red Hat Advanced Server and
does not break source/binary compatibility. 0.4.0 on the other
hand breaks source compatibility to match the changes made for 2.5,
but should still provide backwards compatible symbols. I've also
tossed the beginnings of man pages in man/ for people to hack on
(Alan, Bert you guys need to synch up with each other on list).
ChangeLog bits are below, the test cases have not been updated for
the new API, nor has it been tested in any way mean or form. I'll
try to get a 0.3.91 out before I leave tomorrow afternoon, but if
not it will wait until Tuesday.

"You will be reincarnated as a toad; and you will be much happier."

- remove libredhat-kernel
- add rough outline for man pages
- make the compiled io_getevents() add the extra parameter and
pass the timeout for updating as per 2.5

- use real syscall interface, but don't break source compatibility
yet (that will happen with 0.4.0)

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