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SubjectRe: invalidate_inode_pages in 2.5.32/3
Andrew Morton wrote:

> Trond Myklebust wrote:
>>>>>>>" " == Andrew Morton <> writes:
>> > You may have more success using the stronger
>> > invalidate_inode_pages2().
>>Shouldn't make any difference. Chuck is seeing this on readdir() pages
>>which, of course, don't suffer from problems of dirtiness etc on NFS.
> Well the VM will take a ref on the page during reclaim even if it
> is clean.
> With what sort of frequency does this happen? If it's easily reproducible
> then dunno. If it's once-an-hour then it may be page reclaim, conceivably.
> The PageLRU debug test in there will tell us.

this happens every time i run test6 on 2.5.32 or 2.5.33. the pages
are not on the LRU, and are not locked, when the NFS client calls

how do these pages get into the page cache? answer:

nfs_readdir_filler is invoked by read_cache_page to fill a page.
when nfs_readdir_filler is invoked in 2.5.31, the page count on the
page to be filled is always 2. when nfs_readdir_filler is invoked
in 2.5.32+, the page count is very often 3, but occasionally it is 2.

- Chuck Lever

<cel at netapp dot com>
<chucklever at bigfoot dot com>

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