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SubjectRe: libaio 0.3.90 -- test release for sync up

Any updates on when we can see some more "core" aio code for 2.5 ?

Is the code you've been developing substantially the same as in 2.4 ?
From a brief examination of the 2.4 aio code for raw I/O, it doesn't
look like it'll need a whole lot of changes except to use bio's. Or do
you have a different design in place now ?

Any comments/dates will be much appreciated....

- Shailabh

Benjamin LaHaise wrote:
> Hello,
> Well, Andrea seems to be trying to fork libaio, but he never sent
> any patches to me, so I don't know what his complaint with me as
> maintainer is. I hope he finds it in his heart to submit *patches*
> for any changes he's making. Anyways, here's a test release going
> in the direction I've meant to for libaio-0.4.0 -- 0.3.15 is a
> compatible release for folks running Red Hat Advanced Server and
> does not break source/binary compatibility. 0.4.0 on the other
> hand breaks source compatibility to match the changes made for 2.5,
> but should still provide backwards compatible symbols. I've also
> tossed the beginnings of man pages in man/ for people to hack on
> (Alan, Bert you guys need to synch up with each other on list).
> ChangeLog bits are below, the test cases have not been updated for
> the new API, nor has it been tested in any way mean or form. I'll
> try to get a 0.3.91 out before I leave tomorrow afternoon, but if
> not it will wait until Tuesday.
> -ben

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