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SubjectRe: Linux on Toshiba Libretto 70CT
Alan Cox wrote:
> On Wed, 2002-09-04 at 02:36, John Weber wrote:
>>The kernel locks up completely whenever I launch any particularly large
>>application under X (xterm is fine, netscape locks up the box).
>>I've confirmed that this isn't just X locking up, as the machine is
>>completely frozen (doesn't respond to pings, doesn't respond to three
>>finger salute, etc).
> Can you duplicate this with the vesa and/or vga16 drivers ?

The kernel locks up regardless of what drivers I use (and I have tried
the vga16 drivers already).

Disabling the accelerated functions also "fixes" the machine, for some
definitions of "fix" :).

My question is really why this problem would lock up the kernel...
I can't really tell whether the problem is in the implementation of the
XFree86 functions or the kernel functions it is calling, but the fact
that the entire kernel locks up suggests that both are to blame. Can
you suggest where I should start reading code (if not the file atleast
the directory :).

(o- j o h n e w e b e r
//\ aspiring computer scientist

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