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SubjectRe: [BUG] 2.5.33 PCI and/or starfire.c broken
>> > Well, something ugly has happened no 2.5.33's PCI:
>> >
>> > Somehow SCSI works, but starfire.c doesn't.
>> It's confused by having a PCI-PCI bridge on a quad other than 0,
>> where the global and local PCI bus numbers don't line up. Rip
>> the card out, or get the horrible kludge I did for 2.4, and use
>> that.
> Might I suggest you port that "kludge" to the new 2.5 pci code, as the
> whole goal of those large PCI changes was due to some NUMA changes that
> you and Matt wanted to get into the main kernel.
> Remember, you have your own file to play with now, so put all the
> brain-damaged NUMA crap into it :)

Yeah, I'll clean it up enough to be able to show my face in public
at some point, but I think it'll work for now. Or turn nr_ioapics
down to 2 ;-) ... should allow him to test for the softirq bug
at least.


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