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SubjectRe: [patch] "fully HT-aware scheduler" support, 2.5.31-BK-curr

On Tue, 3 Sep 2002, Michael Hohnbaum wrote:

> > (NUMA systems which have tightly coupled CPUs with a smaller cache and
> > protected by a large L3 cache might benefit from sharing the runqueue as
> > well - but the target for this concept is SMT.)
> Sharing a runqueue for all processors on a node of a NUMA system has the
> drawback of not accounting for cache warmth for processes. [...]

hence the 'might'.

> [...] Ideally, for a NUMA system there should continue to be individual
> runqueues per cpu (or per set of HT processors), and then a grouping of
> runqueues at the node level. At load balancing, priority should be to
> redispatch on the same processor, followed by on the same node. The
> pain threshold for crossing the node boundary will vary depending on the
> NUMA-ness of the hardware, so it would be good to account for this in
> the scheduler.



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