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    AIO now seems to work fine and it's in complete sync with the 2.5 kernel

    rm -f testdir/rofile
    echo "test" >testdir/rofile
    chmod 400 testdir/rofile
    rm -f testdir/rwfile
    echo "test" >testdir/rwfile
    chmod 600 testdir/rwfile
    rm -f testdir/wofile
    echo "test" >testdir/wofile
    chmod 200 testdir/wofile
    rm -f testdir.ext2/rwfile
    echo "test" >testdir.ext2/rwfile
    chmod 600 testdir.ext2/rwfile
    ./ cases/2.p cases/3.p cases/4.p cases/5.p cases/6.p cases/7.p cases/8.p cases/10.p cases/11.p cases/12.p cases/13.p
    Test run starting at Wed Sep 4 05:02:02 GMT 2002
    Starting cases/2.p
    expect -14: io_setup(-1000, 0xc0010000) = -14 [Bad address]
    expect -14: io_setup( 1000, 0xc0010000) = -14 [Bad address]
    expect -14: io_setup( 0, 0xc0010000) = -14 [Bad address]
    expect -22: io_setup(-1000, 0xbfffde28) = -22 [Invalid argument]
    expect -22: io_setup( -1, 0xbfffde28) = -22 [Invalid argument]
    expect -22: io_setup( 0, 0xbfffde28) = -22 [Invalid argument]
    expect 0: io_setup( 1, 0xbfffde28) = 0 [Success]
    expect -22: io_setup( 1, 0xbfffde28) = -22 [Invalid argument]
    test cases/2.t completed PASSED.
    Completed cases/2.p with 0.
    Starting cases/3.p
    expect -22: io_submit(0xffffffff, 1, 0xbfffdd14) = -22 [Invalid argument]
    expect 0: io_submit(0x40017000, 0, 0xbfffdd14) = 0 [Success]
    expect -14: io_submit(0x40017000, 1, (nil)) = -14 [Bad address]
    expect -14: io_submit(0x40017000, 1, 0xffffffff) = -14 [Bad address]
    expect -14: io_submit(0x40017000, 2, 0xbfffdd0c) = -14 [Bad address]
    expect -14: io_submit(0x40017000, 2, 0xbfffdd04) = -14 [Bad address]
    expect -22: io_submit(0x40017000, -1, 0xbfffdd14) = -22 [Invalid argument]
    test cases/3.t completed PASSED.
    Completed cases/3.p with 0.
    Starting cases/4.p
    expect -9: (w), res = sync_submit: io_submit res=-9 [Bad file descriptor]
    -9 [Bad file descriptor]
    expect -9: (r), res = sync_submit: io_submit res=-9 [Bad file descriptor]
    -9 [Bad file descriptor]
    expect 512: (w), res = 512 [Success]
    expect 512: (r), res = 512 [Success]
    expect -22: (r), res = -22 [Invalid argument]
    expect -22: (w), res = -22 [Invalid argument]
    expect 0: (r), res = 0 [Success]
    expect 4: (w), res = 4 [Success]
    expect 4: (w), res = 4 [Success]
    expect 8: (r), res = 8 [Success]
    read after append: [12345678]
    expect -14: (r), res = sync_submit: io_submit res=-14 [Bad address]
    -14 [Bad address]
    expect -14: (w), res = sync_submit: io_submit res=-14 [Bad address]
    -14 [Bad address]
    expect -14: (w), res = -14 [Bad address]
    test cases/4.t completed PASSED.
    Completed cases/4.p with 0.
    Starting cases/5.p
    expect 512: (w), res = 512 [Success]
    expect 512: (r), res = 512 [Success]
    expect 512: (r), res = 512 [Success]
    expect 512: (w), res = 512 [Success]
    expect 512: (w), res = 512 [Success]
    expect -14: (r), res = -14 [Bad address]
    expect 512: (r), res = 512 [Success]
    expect -14: (w), res = -14 [Bad address]
    test cases/5.t completed PASSED.
    Completed cases/5.p with 0.
    Starting cases/6.p
    size = 1031628
    expect 524288000: (w), res = 524288000 [Success]
    expect 524288000: (r), res = 524288000 [Success]
    test cases/6.t completed PASSED.
    Completed cases/6.p with 0.
    Starting cases/7.p
    expect 512: (w), res = 512 [Success]
    expect 512: (r), res = 512 [Success]
    expect 511: (w), res = 511 [Success]
    expect 511: (r), res = 511 [Success]
    expect -27: (w), res = -27 [File too large]
    expect 0: (r), res = 0 [Success]
    expect 0: (w), res = 0 [Success]
    test cases/7.t completed PASSED.
    Completed cases/7.p with 0.
    Starting cases/8.p
    expect 512: (w), res = 512 [Success]
    expect 512: (r), res = 512 [Success]
    expect 511: (w), res = 511 [Success]
    expect 511: (r), res = 511 [Success]
    expect -27: (w), res = -27 [File too large]
    expect 0: (r), res = 0 [Success]
    expect 0: (w), res = 0 [Success]
    test cases/8.t completed PASSED.
    Completed cases/8.p with 0.
    Starting cases/10.p
    expect 103407616: (w), res = 103407616 [Success]
    expect 103407616: (r), res = 103407616 [Success]
    expect -28: (w), res = -28 [No space left on device]
    expect 0: (r), res = 0 [Success]
    expect 103407615: (w), res = 103407615 [Success]
    expect 103407615: (r), res = 103407615 [Success]
    expect 0: (r), res = 0 [Success]
    expect -28: (w), res = -28 [No space left on device]
    expect 0: (r), res = 0 [Success]
    expect 0: (w), res = 0 [Success]
    test cases/10.t completed PASSED.
    Completed cases/10.p with 0.
    Starting cases/11.p
    completed 1000000 out of 1000000 writes
    completed 1000000 out of 1000000 reads
    test cases/11.t completed PASSED.
    Completed cases/11.p with 0.
    Starting cases/12.p
    expect 0: io_submit(0x40017000, 0, (nil)) = 0 [Success]
    expect -22: io_submit(0x40017000, 0, (nil)) = -22 [Invalid argument]
    child exited with status 0
    test cases/12.t completed PASSED.
    Completed cases/12.p with 0.
    Starting cases/13.p
    expect 8: io_submit(0x40017000, 8, 0xbfffd67c) = 8 []
    event[0]: write[0] okay, returned: 1048576 [Unknown error 4293918720]
    event[1]: write[1] okay, returned: 1048576 [Unknown error 4293918720]
    event[2]: write[2] okay, returned: 1048576 [Unknown error 4293918720]
    event[3]: write[3] okay, returned: 1048576 [Unknown error 4293918720]
    event[4]: write[4] okay, returned: 1048576 [Unknown error 4293918720]
    event[5]: write[5] okay, returned: 1048576 [Unknown error 4293918720]
    event[6]: write[6] okay, returned: 1048576 [Unknown error 4293918720]
    event[7]: write[7] okay, returned: 1048576 [Unknown error 4293918720]
    test cases/13.t completed PASSED.
    Completed cases/13.p with 0.
    Pass: 11 Fail: 0
    Test run complete at Wed Sep 4 05:03:20 GMT 2002

    The 2.5 libaio that works with this kernel and 2.5 is here:

    This libaio should work on all archs 32/64bit big/little endian (only
    the syscall numbers are missing but a number of them aren't registered
    yet, they can be easily added in the file syscall.h). The resulting
    libaio binary will work with 2.5 kernels too. The API provided by the
    above libaio is compatible with the libaio in the RHAS so Oracle for
    RHAS should work fine on top of this kernel after installing the above in /usr/lib/ (it's still untested though).

    Since nobody apparently knows the semantics of the io_queue_wait, such
    call keeps doing nothing at the moment (and Oracle isn't using it so
    it's not a problem). I reccomend nobody to use the io_queue_wait, and
    I'd like to remove it in the long run unless somebody claims its

    Currently the kernel compiles only for x86 I guess, I will shortly
    release a new -aa that hopefully will compile on some more
    architectures, the changes needed should be very small.

    One more thing, the make modules_install for some unknwon reasons
    generates huge complains from depmod -ae at the end, just ignore them, I
    don't know why these errors are showing up but the modules loads just
    fine, so it has to be some kind of depmod of makefile mistake, but I'll
    think about it after all archs compiles.


    Changelog diff between 2.4.19rc5aa1 and 2.4.20pre5aa1:

    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 000_e100-2.1.6.gz
    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 000_e1000-4.3.2.gz
    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 00_TCDRAIN-1
    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 00_blkdev-pagecache-alias-read_full_page-1
    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 00_block-highmem-all-19-1.gz
    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 00_dnotify-cleanup-2
    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 00_elevator-fixes-1
    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 00_ext3-0.9.18.gz
    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 00_ffs_compile_failure-1
    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 00_pci-dma_mask-1
    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 00_pre7ac3-p4-xeon-1
    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 00_set_64bit-atomic-1
    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 00_sock_fasync-memleak-1
    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 00_sr-scatter-pad-1
    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 00_stack-overflow-detection-1
    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 05_vm_00_touch-buffer-1
    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 05_vm_04_dump_stack-1
    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 05_vm_12_drain_cpu_caches-2
    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 05_vm_14_block_flushpage_check-2
    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 05_vm_19_nodev-cleanup-1
    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 10_pte-highmem-f00f-2
    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 20_kiobuf-slab-3
    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 30_x86_memfree-boot-cleanup-1
    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 30_x86_setup-boot-cleanup-5
    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 90_init-survive-threaded-race-5
    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 94_numaq-tsc-4

    Merged in mainline.

    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 00_3.5G-address-space-4
    Only in 2.4.20pre5aa1: 00_3.5G-address-space-5
    Only in 2.4.20pre5aa1: 00_cpu-affinity-syscall-rml-2
    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 00_cpu-affinity-syscall-rml-2.4.19-pre9-1
    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 00_extraversion-5
    Only in 2.4.20pre5aa1: 00_extraversion-6
    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 00_net-softirq-1
    Only in 2.4.20pre5aa1: 00_net-softirq-2
    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 00_ordered-freeing-1
    Only in 2.4.20pre5aa1: 00_ordered-freeing-2
    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 00_spinlock-no-egcs-1
    Only in 2.4.20pre5aa1: 00_spinlock-no-egcs-2
    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 00_vm-cleanups-1
    Only in 2.4.20pre5aa1: 00_vm-cleanups-2
    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 00_x86-optimize-apic-irq-and-cacheline-1
    Only in 2.4.20pre5aa1: 00_x86-optimize-apic-irq-and-cacheline-2
    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 05_vm_03_vm_tunables-2
    Only in 2.4.20pre5aa1: 05_vm_03_vm_tunables-3
    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 05_vm_08_try_to_free_pages_nozone-2
    Only in 2.4.20pre5aa1: 05_vm_08_try_to_free_pages_nozone-3
    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 05_vm_09_misc_junk-2
    Only in 2.4.20pre5aa1: 05_vm_09_misc_junk-3
    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 05_vm_17_rest-8
    Only in 2.4.20pre5aa1: 05_vm_17_rest-9
    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 10_lvm-snapshot-check-2
    Only in 2.4.20pre5aa1: 10_lvm-snapshot-check-3
    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 10_rawio-vary-io-11
    Only in 2.4.20pre5aa1: 10_rawio-vary-io-12
    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 10_sched-o1-hyperthreading-2
    Only in 2.4.20pre5aa1: 10_sched-o1-hyperthreading-3
    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 20_pte-highmem-26
    Only in 2.4.20pre5aa1: 20_pte-highmem-27.gz
    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 30_irq-balance-12
    Only in 2.4.20pre5aa1: 30_irq-balance-13
    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 60_tux-syscall-3
    Only in 2.4.20pre5aa1: 60_tux-syscall-4
    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 70_xfs-1.1-5.gz
    Only in 2.4.20pre5aa1: 70_xfs-1.1-6.gz
    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 80_x86_64-common-code-5
    Only in 2.4.20pre5aa1: 80_x86_64-common-code-6
    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 90_buddyinfo-3
    Only in 2.4.20pre5aa1: 90_buddyinfo-4
    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 90_proc-mapped-base-2
    Only in 2.4.20pre5aa1: 90_proc-mapped-base-3
    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 90_s390-aa-2
    Only in 2.4.20pre5aa1: 90_s390-aa-3
    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 90_s390x-aa-1
    Only in 2.4.20pre5aa1: 90_s390x-aa-2
    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 93_NUMAQ-4
    Only in 2.4.20pre5aa1: 93_NUMAQ-5
    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 94_discontigmem-meminfo-2
    Only in 2.4.20pre5aa1: 94_discontigmem-meminfo-3
    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 96_inode_read_write-atomic-3
    Only in 2.4.20pre5aa1: 96_inode_read_write-atomic-4
    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 9900_aio-2.gz
    Only in 2.4.20pre5aa1: 9900_aio-4.gz
    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 9900_aio-API-x86-2
    Only in 2.4.20pre5aa1: 9901_aio-API-x86-3


    Only in 2.4.20pre5aa1: 00_bdflush-docs-1

    Updated the docs, from Christian Zoz.

    Only in 2.4.20pre5aa1: 00_conntrack-hash-1

    Fix the hashfn to avoid wasting cpu, from Martin Wilck.

    Only in 2.4.20pre5aa1: 00_e100-compile-1

    Fix compilation problem in e100 mainline.

    Only in 2.4.20pre5aa1: 00_invlpg-386-1

    Be in function of 386 rather than in function of global
    page feature (as suggested by Linus).

    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 00_lowlatency-fixes-6
    Only in 2.4.20pre5aa1: 00_lowlatency-fixes-8

    Converted to cond_resched in mainline.

    Only in 2.4.20pre5aa1: 00_max-mp-busses-1

    Enlarge the number of busses to avoid random mem corruption
    on some new machines (most important: add check to avoid
    random mem corruption very hard to debug in the future).

    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 00_nfs-bkl-3
    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 00_nfs-rpc-ping-2
    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 00_nfs-seekdir-1
    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 00_nfs-svc_tcp-2
    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 10_nfs-o_direct-5
    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 10_o1-sched-nfs-1
    Only in 2.4.20pre5aa1: 30_01_nfs-call-start-1
    Only in 2.4.20pre5aa1: 30_02_call-reserve1-1
    Only in 2.4.20pre5aa1: 30_03_call-reserve2-1
    Only in 2.4.20pre5aa1: 30_04_noac-1
    Only in 2.4.20pre5aa1: 30_05_seekdir-1
    Only in 2.4.20pre5aa1: 30_06_cto2-1
    Only in 2.4.20pre5aa1: 30_07_access-1
    Only in 2.4.20pre5aa1: 30_08_rdplus-1
    Only in 2.4.20pre5aa1: 30_09_o_direct-1
    Only in 2.4.20pre5aa1: 30_10-lockd1-1
    Only in 2.4.20pre5aa1: 30_11-lockd2-1
    Only in 2.4.20pre5aa1: 30_12-lockd3-1
    Only in 2.4.20pre5aa1: 30_13-lockd4-1

    Merge latest nfs client code from Trond.

    Only in 2.4.20pre5aa1: 00_o_direct-b_page-null-1

    Let get_block understand it was a O_DIRECT asking for the
    block using bh.b_page = NULL (reiserfs will use it).

    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 00_o_direct-blkdev-1
    Only in 2.4.20pre5aa1: 00_o_direct-blkdev-2

    Fix mem corruption bug that can trigger with initrd because
    initrd has no softblock blocksize entry in the array of
    the ramdisk major (the array has only 16 entries in function
    of the compile time number of ramdisks, initrd is at the end).

    Only in 2.4.20pre5aa1: 00_prepare-write-fixes-3-1

    Also check the i_size is in sync with the last block we allocated in
    the metadata, it won't be updated in the commit_write if prepare_write
    is failing.

    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 00_rwsem-fair-30
    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 00_rwsem-fair-30-recursive-8
    Only in 2.4.20pre5aa1: 00_rwsem-fair-31
    Only in 2.4.20pre5aa1: 00_rwsem-fair-31-recursive-8

    Add the trylock operations with the same semantics of mainline.

    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 00_sched-O1-aa-2.4.19rc3-1.gz
    Only in 2.4.20pre5aa1: 00_sched-O1-aa-2.4.19rc3-2.gz

    Merge sched_yield from Ingo with the same semantics of 2.4,
    to fix pthreads slowdowns.

    Only in 2.4.20pre5aa1: 00_usagi-ipv6-1

    Avoid to bind to ipv4 too.

    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 50_uml-patch-2.4.18-30.gz
    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 50_uml-patch-2.4.18-31.gz
    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 50_uml-patch-2.4.18-34.gz
    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 50_uml-patch-2.4.18-36.gz
    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 50_uml-patch-2.4.18-40
    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 50_uml-patch-2.4.18-41.gz
    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 50_uml-patch-2.4.18-43.gz
    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 50_uml-patch-2.4.18-47.gz
    Only in 2.4.20pre5aa1: 50_uml-patch-2.4.19-1.gz
    Only in 2.4.20pre5aa1: 51_uml-ac-to-aa-10
    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 51_uml-ac-to-aa-9
    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 52_uml-blockdev-1
    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 53_uml-page-struct-updates-1
    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 55_uml-page_address-3
    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 56_uml-pte-highmem-2
    Only in 2.4.20pre5aa1: 56_uml-pte-highmem-3
    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 58_uml-hostfs-compile-1
    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 59_uml-compat-2.5-2
    Only in 2.4.20pre5aa1: 59_uml-compat-2.5-3
    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 59_uml-yield-2

    UML updates from Jeff.

    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 81_x86_64-arch-2.4.19rc1-1.gz
    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 82_x86_64-suse-2
    Only in 2.4.20pre5aa1: 82_x86_64-suse-3
    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 83_x86_64-cvs-020716-1
    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 84_x86-64-mtrr-compile-1
    Only in 2.4.19rc5aa1: 87_x86_64-o1sched-1
    Only in 2.4.20pre5aa1: 87_x86_64-o1sched-2

    Go in sync with mainline.

    Only in 2.4.20pre5aa1: 9920_kgdb-1.gz

    kgdb from akpm.

    Only in 2.4.20pre5aa1: 9930_io_request_scale-3
    Only in 2.4.20pre5aa1: 9931_io_request_scale-drivers-1

    Avoid global io_request_lock scalability for a number
    of scsi drivers.

    Only in 2.4.20pre5aa1: 9940_ocfs-1.gz

    Oracle Cluster Filesystem, developement release.

    Only in 2.4.20pre5aa1: 9950_futex-1.gz

    Futex locking available to userspace.

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