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    SubjectRe: [reiserfs-dev] Re: [PATCH] sparc32: wrong type of nlink_t
    David S. Miller wrote:

    > From: Hans Reiser <>
    > Date: Thu, 05 Sep 2002 00:31:36 +0400
    > The proper fix should be to make the result of the limit
    > computation be accurately architecture specific.
    >And then each and every Reiserfs partition is platform specific
    >and cannot be mounted onto another Linux platform.
    >Creating such a restriction is a grave error.
    And you would cripple the 99% usage to aid those users who move disk
    drives physically over to a sparc box AND have more than 31k links to a

    Or is there some usage pattern that I don't appreciate that makes it
    highly likely that people will swap disks into a sparc? Maybe these hot
    plug ruggedized with plastic covers IDE disks that there was some press
    about being a substitute for DVDs a few months ago?

    Frankly, I had doubts about our code that causes CPU order to not be
    used in the disk format, but I was persuaded that it was not a
    measurable performance loss to do it and said yes.

    I recognize that you may see things from a perspective that I have not
    experienced, so please articulate on that if so.


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