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Subject2.4.19-ac cpia AWOL error

I just installed CPiA with the 2.4.19-ac4 kernel, and it's working great.
However, when I run xawtv, I get these errors every few seconds:

kernel: usb-uhci.c: interrupt, status 2, frame# 1575
kernel: *_comp parameters have gone AWOL (2/0/0/0) - reseting them

The same errors were posted to the cpia list in May of last year,
and wrt other topics occasionally on lkml.

The origin of this error message is a patch for a color balance problem:

This is the patch:

The patch introduced the error message -- "By the way - I left a warning
in place in the patch. If the patch is working correctly, then the warning
should *never* be printed out."

This warning is the one I'm seeing:

+ printk (KERN_WARNING "*_comp parameters have gone AWOL (%d/%d/%d/%d)
- reseting them\n",

It looks like this color balancing patch, introduced into the driver in
March 2000 (cf., is not working and is
generating an otherwise irrelevant error message to that effect.

I'll leave it to Peter Pregler and the other cpia developers to determine
whether the color balancing really is a problem or not -- I can't say I
see one. But the error message is clearly unnecessary and should be


I compiled usb-uhci into the kernel, and run these modules:

Module Size Used by
cpia_usb 4800 0 (autoclean) (unused)
cpia 50832 1 [cpia_usb]
videodev 6176 2 [cpia]

The device is an Ezonics EZCam and the picture looks great.

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