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SubjectRe: aic7xxx sets CDR offline, how to reset?
James Bottomley [] wrote:
> said:
> > For example, in Fibrechannel using class 3 (the usual)
> > send command (command frame corrupted; device does not receive)
> > send barrier (completes normally)
> > ... (lots of time goes by, many more commands are processed)
> > timeout original command whose command frame was corrupted
> This doesn't look right to me from the SCSI angle I don't see how you can get
> a successful disconnect on a command the device doesn't receive (I take it
> this is some type of Fibre magic?). Of course, if the device (or its proxy)
> does receive the command then the ordered queue tag implementation requires
> that the corrupted frame command be processed prior to the barrier, this
> isn't optional if you obey the spec. Thus, assuming the processor does no
> integrity checking of the command until it does processing (this should be a
> big if), then we still must get notification of the failed command before the
> barrier tag is begun. Obviously, from that notification we do then race to
> eliminate the overtaking tags.

In FC class 3 if you are logged into a port then notice of this loss
doesn't happen until a upper level timeout occurs (ULTP?). The loss can
happen prior to the command reaching the device (i.e. the switch can
drop the frame). If a corrupted frame makes it to the device it will be
discarded as there is not much it can do with a frame containing unreliable
data. In FC class 2 frames are ack'd so the recovery can be much more

Michael Anderson

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