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SubjectRe: IDE-DVD problems [excuse former idiotic topic]
On Wed, Sep 04, 2002 at 09:11:00AM -0700, Joseph N. Hall wrote:
> Right, but it will work with or without DMA, for some definition
> of "work." Or it should work, right?

Define "work". hdparm -d1 doesn't just work, it requires making sure that
the drive and interface are properly programmed to the correct transfer rates
first (read as: hdparm -d1 can be Bad). Using the kernel defaults is much
better as the probe code will make sure that everything is setup correctly.
Andre can provide more details and help fix things if it doesn't actually
work for your drive.

> Do you know anyone who has gotten this particular drive to work?
> Or for that matter if there are any troubles with the KT333
> chipset? I wouldn't be surprised if there are some interrupt
> "issues" with KT333 because my plain old IDE performance was
> not good under the stock 2.4.18-3 kernel ... it would do some
> of the same things (lots of system time, temporary "pauses",
> etc.).

You might need to upgrade from the -3 kernel (several errata have
been released) as there were a few known problems with some network
drivers, as well as NFS and ext3. Different drives also have varing
amounts of cache, and it might be this that you're noticing.

> I am also having problems with the C-Media onboard audio +
> ALSA (0.9 rc3) ... it hangs the system (totally) after playing
> for a few seconds. So that is another strike against this
> particular h/w configuration.

Again, try a newer kernel. I'm using a C-Media at home and it works
pretty well for ogg/DVD playback.

"You will be reincarnated as a toad; and you will be much happier."
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