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SubjectRe: 2.4.18 & 2.4.19 IDE chipset clash? Promise PDC20267/SvrWks CSB5
Jeff Johnson <> writes:


> I am trying to get a kernel running on an Intel SCB2 board. It has
>onboard Promise PDC20267 RAID and Serverworks IDE controllers. The
>problem I am seeing is when Promise support is compiled into the kernel
>the Serverworks IDE chip will appear but fail to become available. The
>CDROM drive attached to the Serverworks chip is never visible. If I
>disable the Promise chip in the board's bios and boot the same kernel
>the serverworks IDE attaches and the CDROM shows up and can be accessed.

You must force the Promise IDE support. And you should use an -ac
kernel because the Promise RAID support there is much better.

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