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    SubjectRe: aic7xxx sets CDR offline, how to reset?
    On Tue, Sep 03, 2002 at 04:48:39PM -0500, James Bottomley wrote:

    > If you're hitting error recovery so often that whether it recovers
    > in half a second or several seconds makes a difference, I'd say
    > there's something else wrong.

    Not that I want to contradict, but an example.
    Without my sd.c patch from yesterday or so (fixing MODE SENSE calls)
    an "insmod usb-storage.o" would take 14 minutes and 6 seconds for me.

    [One USB device, with 3 subdevices, gets into a bad state when
    presented with a MODE SENSE command that asks for more than the
    56 bytes it has available. For each of the three subdevices we
    get a long sequence of retries, abort, reset, host reset, bus reset
    before it is taken off-line.]

    The scsi error recovery has many bad properties, but one is its slowness.
    Once it gets triggered on a machine with SCSI disks it is common to
    have a dead system for several minutes. I have not yet met a situation
    in which rebooting was not preferable above scsi error recovery,
    especially since the attempt to recover often fails.

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