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Subject2.5 Problem Report Status
The latest version of the followng problem report status page can be found 

* Off-list email sent to me regarding these reports is much
appreciated. Relevant comments to a problem report will
be added to the discussion thread unless specifically requested not
to. If you do send me a comment, please CC the
* Great progress has been made in forward porting IDE driver code
from 2.4 to 2.5. Several people have tried 2.5.33
without disaster. Updates continue to be added to the -ac kernels
and the 2.5 bitkeeper kernels.
* Floppy support is currently semi-broken/semi-fixed in 2.5.
The driver currently works (as of 2.5.33-bk) on
filesystems with 512-byte blocks (e.g. vfat/msdos) but has
produced corruption on filesystems with other block
sizes such as ext2, minix, etc. Update: Several fixes to the
floppy driver itself and the bio layer have improved
things. This needs more testing and confirmation that the fix is
* Support for __FUNCTION__ pasting is being phased out of gcc. This
has broken compiling in numerous places. Defines
of the form:
#define func_enter() sx_dprintk (SX_DEBUG_FLOW, "sx: enter "
__FUNCTION__ "\n")
need to be changed to the form:
#define func_enter() sx_dprintk (SX_DEBUG_FLOW, "sx: enter %s\n",
* Items marked with "No further discussion" have not had any
additional comments posted to the mailing list for one
or more development point releases. These items will be archived
when Linus issues the next point release.

2.5 Kernel Problem Reports as of 04 Sep
Problem Title Status Discussion
schedule() with irqs disabled! open 03 Sep 2002
schedule in interrupt No further discussion 2.5.31
JFS oops No further discussion 2.5.31
unmount oops No further discussion 2.5.31
usb problem No further discussion 2.5.31
pte.chain BUG No further discussion 2.5.31
cciss broken proposed fix 2.5.31
qlogicisp oops open 01 Sep 2002
qlogic error No further discussion 2.5.31
kmap_atomic oops No further discussion 2.5.31
swap problem No further discussion 2.5.31
oops in gpm.c No further discussion 2.5.31
page allocation failure No further discussion 2.5.31
driverfs oops No further discussion 2.5.31
2.5.32 reboot oops open 30 Aug 2002
ext2 umount oops open 30 Aug 2002
DEBUG_SLAB oops open 30 Aug 2002
2.5.32-mm1 problems open 30 Aug 2002
soft suspend problem open 30 Aug 2002

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