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SubjectRe: 2.5.33-mm1
William Lee Irwin III wrote:
> ...
> > Calling kmem_cache_reap() after running the pruners will fix that up.
> # grep ext3_inode_cache /proc/slabinfo
> ext3_inode_cache 18917 87012 448 7686 9668 1
> ...
> ext3_inode_cache: 8098KB 38052KB 21.28
> Looks like a persistent gap from here.

OK, thanks. We need to reap those pages up-front rather than waiting
for them to come to the tail of the LRU.

What on earth is going on with kmem_cache_reap? Am I missing
something, or is that thing 700% overdesigned? Why not just
free the darn pages in kmem_cache_free_one()? Maybe hang onto
a few pages for cache warmth, but heck.
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