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SubjectRe: [RFC][PATCH] x86 BIOS Enhanced Disk Device (EDD) polling
On Wednesday 04 September 2002 00:05, Matt Domsch wrote:
> [...]
> EDD works by providing the bus (PCI, PCI-X, ISA, InfiniBand, PCI
> Express, or HyperTransport) location (e.g. PCI 02:01.0) and interface
> (ATAPI, ATA, SCSI, USB, 1394, FibreChannel, I2O, RAID, SATA) location
> (e.g. SCSI ID 5 LUN 0) information for each BIOS int13 device. The
> patch below creates CONFIG_EDD, that when defined, makes the calls to
> retrieve and store this information. It then exports it (yes, another
> /proc, glad to change it to driverfs or whatever else when that makes
> sense) in /proc/edd/{bios-device-number}, as such:
> [...]
> Feedback appreciated.

How about providing an example of how you'd export the root via driverfs,
with a view to educating those of us who are still don't have much of a
clue how driverfs fits in with big picture?

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