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SubjectRe: One more bio for for floppy users in 2.5.33..
Linus Torvalds writes:
> Ok,
> I found another major bio-related bug that definitely explains why the
> floppy driver generated corruption - any partial request completion would
> be totally messed up by the BIO layer (not the floppy driver).
> Any other block device driver that did partial request completion might
> also be impacted.
> I'm still looking at the floppy driver itself - some of the request
> completion code is so messed up as to be unreadable, and some of that may
> actually be due to trying to work around the bio problem (unsuccessfully,
> I may add). So this may not actually fix things for you yet, simply
> because the floppy driver itself still does some strange things.

Confirmed. 2.5.33 + your two patches still corrupts data on a simple
dd to then from /dev/fd0 test.

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