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Subject__func__ in 2.5.33?

I trying to compile the SX driver for the 2.5.33 kernel, I got a
lot of warnings looking like (this is from a test program, not
the driver itself)

test.c: In function `main':
test.c:6: called object is not a function
test.c:6: parse error before string constant

This seems to stem from the recent __FUNCTION__ vs. __func__
change in kernel.h and the SX driver's use of __FUNCTION__ in the
following construct

#define func_enter() sx_dprintk (SX_DEBUG_FLOW, "sx: enter " __FUNCTION__ "\n")

My gcc (vers. 2.96) does not accept the above when __FUNCTION__ is
#defined to be (__func__). I likes __func__ well enough, though.

So I guess my question is whether I should change the above define,
and if so, to what, or if __FUNCTION__ should be defined to something

BTW, it was my impression that the kernel would continue
with __FUNCTION__? Maybe I missed something....

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