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SubjectRe: Kernel BUG at page_alloc.c:91! (2.4.19)
On Tuesday 03 September 2002 19:16, Heiko Carstens wrote:
> Hi,
> >> Thanks for the patch but unfortunately it doesn't change the behaviour
> at
> >> all. This BUG is still 100% reproducible by just having 1 process which
> >> allocates memory chunks of 256KB and after each allocation writes to
> each
> >> of the pages in order to make them dirty.
> >Um, no smp --> no free race anyway. But try the following instead, to
> >start narrowing down the possibilities:
> Still the same BUG in __free_pages_ok happens, or in other words both of
> your
> checks didn't catch the error...

My intention was to verify which one of the two possible execution paths
was taken, and also to verify that swap_duplicate doesn't see any problem
(there's a missing error check here). Note that we also definitively
eliminated your original theory since we didn't arrive at the
page_cache_release via the if (page->mapping) path.

> Any other ideas?

Have you trimmed your config down to the absolute minimum?

Is there any such thing as kdb for S390?

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