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SubjectDMA audio-CD extraction/writing and ide-scsi

I resign to post the question directly here after hours of vain
searching on other sources of information. If the question has already
been answered hundreds of times, I am *really* sorry about the mess...
(I also tried to check on the latest development version, but failed at
booting the system at all).

I would like to know if there is a particular reason that forbids audio
extraction/writing from/of CDs using UDMA (as opposed to PIO) when using
the ide-scsi driver.

Apparently the problem seems not to be such an issue as it seems that
very few people extract audio data from CDs and/or write audio CDs. But

I already applied a patch from akpm to make audio extraction use DMA
with the ide-cd driver. It works very fine for me and I miss the feature
really badly on the ide-scsi driver.

If there are some SCSI gurus here willing to enlight me on this specific
issue, I will be very thankful. =)


Ignacy Gawedzki

I drive way too fast to worry about cholesterol.
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